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Cumbernauld Puzzles is the page to come to if you're looking for a mental challenge. There are many online jigsaws to choose from, with a variety of different subject matter. Each picture has a choice of three different difficulty levels. The easy ones are suitable for young children or adults who only have a minute or two to spare, whilst the other two levels are more challenging. If you are more into crosswords or sudoku, there are online puzzles to suit you also. Just make your choice by clicking on one of the doors below.

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The Origin of Jigsaws
Other Types of Puzzle
Jigsaws with a Cumbernauld Flavour
Jigsaws with a Scottish Flavour
Jigsaws with an International Flavour
Jigsaws of animals

PLEASE NOTE - The pieces for the easy and medium puzzles are in the correct orientation. The pieces in the hard puzzles can be rotated in 90 degree increments to give 4 possible positions. (Use left and right arrow keys to rotate 90 degrees anti-clockwise and clockwise respectively).

Cumbernauld Views
St Enoch Clock
St Enoch Clock
Scottish Views
International Views
The Taj Mahal
The Taj-Mahal
Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge
Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower
Camel Train
Camel Train

The History

There is general agreement that the first jigsaw puzzles were made in London circa 1760. They were originally designed to teach children Geography by injecting an element of fun into the learning. The very first puzzle had a map of the counties of England and Wales painted onto a sheet of hardwood. A very fine toothed saw was then used to cut along the borders between the counties so that each piece corresponded to an individual county. This is where the name "jigsaw" came from although strictly speaking it was a fretsaw rather than a jigsaw which was used. some time later, plywood was substituted for the hardwood with the illustration glued on. These early puzzles were "push fit" rather than the "interlocking" puzzles we are more used to today.

Although the cardboard jigsaw puzzles were introduced in the late 1800's, wooden jigsaws would remain popular until well into the 20th century, when die-cut cardboard jigsaw puzzles became generally available at a much lower price than the wooden ones.

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