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Kyle Citizens Community Trust

A community based organization working to promote 'community cohesion' and help raise a commuity hub....this is a state of the art project aimed to serve all in the community of music, dance, sport, crafts, leisure off all kinds, all ages with a built in information service and a community cafe`. We have been working to this ultimate goal since 2005 and are near its conclusion.




This is an open invitation to all Cumbernauld Organisations. This is your opportunity to promote yourselves ABSOLUTELY FREE in the Cumbernauld Leisure Activities section.

Tell us what you do, when and where you meet, how you can join, any events you have organised, competitions you have taken part in. Upload photographs - in short, you can have a page to do with as you like (within reason).

Simply CLICK HERE to email us your details. Before you know it, you can have a web page hosted on "Its-Called-Cumbernauld" for your own organisation.

If you know someone who runs a Cumbernauld organisation or club which is not listed here, please prompt them to contact us.

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